Providing real-time visibility of traffic flows to help manage congestion
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Real-time Decision Tools

A Flexible and Scalable Approach

Our subscription-based product provides real-time visibility of traffic flows to help you manage construction activity, maintenance works and manage the roading network.  Monitoring can be setup in minutes, turned on and off as required and doesn't require any hardware!





Monitor travel times and delays for individual routes around an area of interest, from anywhere.


Use our intuitive web portal to visualise traffic patterns by day, week or month to help you optimise your site layout and closure times.


Our automated SMS alerts can be sent to field staff giving early warning if traffic congestion starts to reach KPI levels.  This frees them up to concentrate on other things, confident that they'll be notified when needed.


With the ability to view and understand disruption in real-time, your teams can anticipate what actions are required earlier and put in place mitigation strategies so problems don't arise.


Site Management can be used anywhere Google Maps traffic data is available, providing a powerful tool with global reach.  


Importantly, it only takes minutes to create a site and start monitoring traffic congestion.  This reduces the cost for your business and enables you to quickly experiment with confidence.


Easily manage who has access to each site and if they receive SMS alerts.


New users can be added with a click of a button.  They will receive a email notification and be guided through a self-service setup process.


If you have stakeholders or third-parties you work with, they can be added to sites as well.



Creating Value


Use information on current traffic conditions to inform work schedules and layouts, optimising when you work.  Improving margins and productivity.

Minimise Traffic disruption

Understand how your activity is impacting traffic and quickly implement mitigation strategies so your teams can keep working.  Also enables you to effectively monitor and audit third-party sites.

Performance reporting

Provide evidence based results to support your traffic management KPIs and other contract obligations.  Improving your return from current contracts and helping you win new contracts. 



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Flexible Pricing

The nature of projects can be quite different, so we have developed a flexible pricing structure that enables you to tailor the level of coverage you need to the job at hand, ensuring that you achieve a clear return on investment.


Events and short-term

Perfect for managing traffic around events, concerts and other short-term points of interest.  Monitoring can be turned on and off as required by the day.


Maintenance and operations

Enable consistent usage across a program of activity to give teams working on or near the roading network with accurate information to manage disruption. 


CApital Works

In depth and highly specific monitoring for large, multiyear capital works projects with complex internal and external stakeholder needs.