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Mooven acquires transport product from Qrious

Qrious employees turn product into exciting new start-up

Two former employees of Qrious have taken the bold step of going out on their own, after coming to an agreement that will see them acquire the Qrious LoQal Traffic product and form their own business - Mooven.

Micah Gabriels, who was Head of Product at Qrious and Paul McDonnell, who was Software Delivery Lead have together launched Mooven to further develop the opportunity they see in specialised software tools for the transport sector.

LoQal Traffic is a subscription-based web application and SMS alert system that provides visibility of traffic flows, without the need for roadside hardware to be installed.  It helps construction companies to manage disruption around roadworks and construction sites.  It also supports engineering consultancies and infrastructure owners to monitor and optimise the road network and other points of interest.

Speaking about the buyout, Micah Gabriels CEO of Mooven said: “We saw the opportunity to leverage the great work that was underway in Qrious and turn it into a global Software as a Service business – an aspiration of mine since joining Qrious”.

“The transport sector is such an exciting area to work in, with massive disruption underway ranging from electric and autonomous vehicles, the rollout of Internet of Things, emerging datasets and the application of artificial intelligence; all of which are set against the backdrop of changing opinions about mobility and the role it plays in our lives.”

“For me, this is an opportunity to double down on a particular product and really test if we can make a truly great New Zealand business.”

Qrious CEO David Leach said: “In the past 18 months we have significantly grown the business and our focus now is on two key areas where we see the most potential and value - our specialist big data and analytics consulting services and our new data powered marketing offerings, based on the recent Ubiquity acquisition.

“We couldn’t be happier to see Micah and Paul invest in this to build what we are confident will be a great New Zealand business.”