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Product release: Safety and Speed

Safety and Speed

We have been busy enabling new insights and are excited to release an Average Speed panel and the first phase of in-app notifications.

The Average Speed panel can be used to understand both traffic congestion patterns and excess speed through worksites to support your health and safety obligations.

Average Speed

Understand the severity of traffic congestion and how this relates to the driving experience with our nrew Average Speed panel.

Speed profiles can be built to show the entry, work zone and exit speeds to help optimise speed management plans, keeping workers and the public safe.


Delay Notifications

New map icons have been released that show current problem areas.

There are two icons to show both emerging issues (orange) and a breach of the delay KPI (red).  Clicking on the notification will display additional information about the route.


Archive Sites

Have you finished with a site and want to remove it from your dashboard?  In the 'Manage Site' page you can now archive sites you no longer need.

All data and configuration details are kept so can re-activate the site in the future if needed.